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Hamsini Hariharan is an independent researcher, educator, and writer. 
Hamsini is a Yenching Scholar at Peking University, where she specialises in politics and international relations. 
She is Visiting Faculty at the Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication, where she teaches courses on International Relations and Criminal Justice. She also works at the Asian Century Foundation as a Teaching Fellow with the China Capsule program.
Her weekly podcast, States of Anarchy, tackles themes in global affairs and foreign policy. She writes a weekly column for CNBC News-18 on Chinese politics and policy. 
Previously, Hamsini has worked in think-tanks and in journalism. She has represented India at several international forums in countries like the USA, Poland, Australia, and Indonesia.
Over the last five years, she has written for several national and international publications, including Foreign Policy, TechNode, CNBC TV-18, CGTN, The Wire, Livemint, Business Standard, Buzzfeed Essays, The Hindu thREAD, and The New Indian Express, among others.

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