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  • Hamsini Hariharan

Floods, Pyjama-Laadi and Mandarin Classes

This is Episode 13 of the The Pragati Podcast, hosted by Hamsini Hariharan and Pavan Srinath.

How do we stop urban flooding year after year? What is this mysteriously named pyjama-laadi scheme? Why should more Indians learn Mandarin? You’ll find all this and more in episode 13 of the Pragati Podcast, where Pavan Srinath and Hamsini Hariharan sit down for a fortnightly catch-up. The episode also features a new segment called Cheat Sheet, which looks at innovative attempts to squander public money. In the second half, Hamsini talks to Dr Alka Acharya, one of the foremost Indian experts on China, and Pranay Kotasthane, the Head of Geostrategy at The Takshashila Institution, on why we need an overhaul in our approach towards China

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