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  • Hamsini Hariharan

Hindi Chini Bye Bye

This is episode 28 of Uncle, Please Sit! hosted by Joel Pereira and Tushar Abhichandani.

This week on an all-new episode of Uncle Please Sit, Joel Pereira and Tushar Abhichandani are diving deep into what uncles fear the most - and it's not jewelry commercials or pride parades. This week, we're talking about China.

Joining us is Hamsini Hariharan, a China commentator, a columnist for CNBC and host of the podcast States of Anarchy, and on this week's episode, we're talking about India and China's long shared history and our culture, conflicts and competition. We also talk about what China means to us here in India, and what we mean to the Chinese, and according to Hamsini, not very much, apparently. Click through to hear more.

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