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  • Hamsini Hariharan

Kill the Hospital, Save the Patient?

This is Episode 21 of the The Pragati Podcast, hosted by Hamsini Hariharan and Pavan Srinath.

Doctors protesting across Karnataka. Price controls on private medical care. Kangaroo courts for errant doctors. Missing patient empowerment. All from an eventful November.

Episode 21 of the Pragati podcast dives into the politics and economics of regulating hospitals in Karnataka, and how it matters for all of India. Hosts Hamsini & Pavan are joined by their Takshashila colleagues Anupam Manur, Sowmya Nandan and Pranay Kotasthane.

Share your questions, comments and brickbats by writing to, or reach the hosts on twitter as @HamsiniH and @zeusisdead.

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